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SUJET : Urwerk Watch Replica 105 collection UR-105TA Black

Urwerk Watch Replica 105 collection UR-105TA Black il y a 3 mois 4 jours #2318

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Urwerk UR-111C

Urwerk UR-111C stands out from the crowd with its clever design, unconventional time display and ergonomic chassis design.Urwerk UR-111C Two-Tone Replica Watch
,However, although it may be a model of modern design, it inherits the fine traditions of watchmaking and has unparalleled finishing and superior craftsmanship.

Urwerk's co-founders Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei look at clocks from an original perspective, and time from another angle. Maison is synonymous with avant-garde design and hovering hours display. Similarly, it won two GPHG awards in 2014 for its incredible EMC model, an innovative innovation that allows the wearer to monitor and adjust the timing of the watch.

Throughout its history, the prestigious Swiss brand has conceived products that are thought-provoking. Launched at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2018, AMC is a modern interpretation of the 18th-century sympathy clock of Baugue. In this case, a manually wound watch is placed in a space-aged master clock, which automatically winds the timepiece. In addition, the master clock communicates with the satellite, obtains the reference time from the satellite and synchronizes the watch accordingly.Grand Seiko replica Watches

Despite the contemporary nature of Urwerk watches, the brand still follows Swiss traditional craftsmanship. The Geneva stripes, studs and chamfer screws unique to the avant-garde of fine watches are prevalent in Urwerk. Indeed, this Swiss company is a model of fine watchmaking.

Recently, Urwerk introduced the new model UR-111C. This contemporary timepiece uses innovative ideas to produce fascinating effects. Once again, traditional watchmaking ideas have been put on hold, and a new way of indicating time has been realized.


When wearing the Urwerk UR-111C on your wrist, you can view the time from the side. The wearer wore three pieces of sapphire crystal.

The left pane is similar to a trapezoid placed on its side. Two grilles are located on the upper and lower surfaces of the pane, while the main hours are fully displayed in the center of the display. You can see the numbers behind the grille, which annoyed the wearer. Odd hours are on the left side of the display and even hours are on the right side.replica watches fashion

In the center of the watch, a large rectangular window displays minutes on a rotating cylinder. A green line opposes the diagonal minute track from left to right to indicate minutes. The cylinder is rotated 300 ° around its axis to reach "60" minutes, shown in red. In this way, a long coil spring will be prepared. After the green wire touched "60", the spring loosened, causing the cylinder to jump forward 60 ° further. This will cause the green line to indicate "0" minutes and the time wheel to skip to the next hour.

There is also a minute display behind the right pane of the sapphire crystal. This represents time in whole 1-minute integers and proves to be ideal for monitoring smaller time intervals.

No aspect of this watch is a stopgap. When progress is a potential reward, both Baumgartner and Fry seem to be embracing the challenge. The small second hand is displayed through a small hole on the top of the watch. The second hand is mounted on two small wheels. One wheel represents 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60, and the other wheel represents 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55. Ultra-light wheels formed using LIGA pass through a circular window. Each wheel in turn announces the current number of seconds. These numbers are "closely aligned, precisely aligned fiber clusters (called image catheters, transmitted into the visible range, positioned one-tenth of a millimeter above the number)." The instructions obtained clearly speak to the wearer.replica watches perfect

Despite the modernity of each indication, everything is easy to read and proved to be logical.

Urwerk UR-111C's stainless steel housing measures 42mm (W) x 46mm (L) x 15mm (H). These dimensions cannot be compared with traditional round watches, because the shape of the watch is very unique. The curved bottom surface of the ergonomic head surrounds the wrist.

Most cases consist of three parts, the bezel, the main case (including the strap and the lugs), and finally the back cover. The situation is different for Urwerk UR-111C. The central body of the housing is curved and open. Carefully slide the movement into place, then install the two ends on both sides.

With this watch, Urwerk has repeatedly set aside watchmaking practices. On the upper surface of the case is a grooved cylindrical roller to energize the spring. Although it complies with watch specifications, it is intuitive to use. Winding the watch with your thumb is effortless.

The pivot lever on the right-hand side of the case is pulled out to adjust the hours and minutes. This watch has a second hand function that allows the wearer to synchronize the watch with a reference clock.

The lack of a traditional crown, the omission of protruding lugs, and the curved bottom surface of the case give a perfect and comfortable fit to the wrist.MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Replica Watches
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